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Moving Your Heavy Equipment Securely and Safely

When disaster happens in any construction or heavy equipment site, having a reliable trucking service is one thing you need. Moving the damaged equipment away from the site and bringing new ones as fast and safely as possible is very crucial. Heavy equipment trucking in a disaster-stricken site requires a partnership with a trustworthy and reliable company. Heavy Equipment Transport is a reputed transportation company serving industrialists in over 50 states of the US, Canada, Mexico, and other international locations.

We have invested in a professional team of logistics experts who work to create new and innovative trucking solutions. We test market-driven practices and research on ways to improve our trucking services. HET also focuses on offering trucking transportation excellence, the reason we invest in a fleet of modern and capable trucks and experienced drivers.

Enjoy Business-Boosting Catastrophic Recovery Trucking Services

Whether it is a door-to-door, port-to-site, or port-to-port delivery of heavy equipment, Heavy Equipment Transport is up to the task. Wherever there’s a catastrophe, we’ll be there to off our trucking services.Our representatives are prepped up with the best transportation method to ensure efficient haulage. Additionally, we can help with export freight services to help you expand your operations overseas.

Catastrophic recovery trucking is a service that helps in a smooth and seamless recovery when a catastrophic event happens. HET has the resources and experience to handle any administrative issues and transportation, leaving you to concentrate on other essential business obligations.

Catastrophic Recovery Trucking Solutions

We are proud to provide trucking solutions to communities in need after a national disaster.

Catastrophic Recovery Trucking to California This bulldozer was hauled to California to help with a massive mudslide.
Origin :
Portland, OR
Destination :
Malibu, CA
Where's your equipment headed:

How to Move Catastrophic Recovery Equipment | Heavy Equipment Transport

The first step to experience our superior towing services to contact us to talk to one of our representatives. We'll need details regarding the size of the shipment and your location. During the loading process, HET uses cargo-loading cranes to position the load on the trailer with the help of leverage and weight professionals. Later, we match the trailer with the right truck and an industry-seasoned driver to transport the load and make timely delivery of the heavy equipment. Call us today and experience the difference.

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